Why Bubble Muffin?

Bubble Muffin is your trusted partner in food education.  We are focused on fighting the good fight alongside you against childhood obesity.

Unfortunately, when you tell a child that they need to eat a food because it is good for them or that they need to get out from behind the screen and exercise they will push back. 

At Bubble Muffin, we introduce 'fun' as the key ingredient to encourage children to discover, explore and learn about food and movement.  When children get involved and interact with food that they can touch, taste and create recipes they like to eat they make good food choices for themselves.  They also learn where food comes from and how different ingredients can take the ordinary to the extraordinary.  Bubble Muffin adds a healthy dose of music and movement to bring this to life in our workshops and incursions and that is where the magic begins!

Bubble Muffin adds a healthy dose of music and movement to bring this to life in our workshops and incursions and that is where the magic begins!

Our Partners

Bubble Muffin partners with a diverse array of regional and rural shows, shopping centres, schools and leading food industry businesses to help children learn about food with movement and music. We help children discover food, explore and experiment what they can create with ingredients. Bubble Muffin is also passionate about 'giving back' and is proactively involved in a number of charities to raise money for causes that help children. If you are like-minded, please contact us today and let's talk about what great things we can achieve together!

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R & D

Bubble Muffin is invested in educating our children about food. To do this we have developed school incursion syllabus that focuses on healthy eating and environmental sustainability within the kitchen as well as focusing on food recognition, the fundamentals of cooking and creating healthy eating habits. Bubble Muffin's Multi-Cultural program caters for children between the ages of 5 to 11 years. The Bubble Muffin syllabus encompasses and embraces the multicultural cuisine on offer. The importance of a healthy lifestyle, good nutrition, and regular physical activity are included in all of the Bubble Muffin Kids Cooking Club workshops.

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The Word Is!

Don't take our word for it, Bubble Muffin is getting a lot of love from businesses and organizations that partner with us to deliver their food workshops and incursions. Learn about the real difference a Bubble Muffin experience makes. Kids tell us that a Bubble Muffin birthday party is the only way to celebrate. Find out what they are saying about Bubble Muffin!

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Media footprint

Bubble Muffin is making a big impact on how our children learn about and love the food they eat! To learn more about where we have been, who loves what we are doing and why Bubble Muffin can help you make your next event or program one that your children will talk about for a long time to come contact us today! If you want to share your Bubble Muffin experience we'd love to hear from you. We always love to hear your feedback and understand what you like and what we can add to our programs to make them even bigger and better than ever before!

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