Learn How To Cook

Learn How To Cook is a selection of instructional videos which lead you through the preparation and cooking of recipes. There are three main categories Easy Recipes, Harder Recipes, and Hardest Recipes all dependant upon your confidence and skill levels, suitable for children and adults. We have mixed together sweet, and savory recipes, snacks, lunches and substantial meals all together separated only by the skill level.

Please though do not be deterred thinking easy is too easy or hard to hard, we invite you to explore each category and challenge yourself as all recipes are suitable for particular occasion that you could be missing out on.

Make sure you check back regularly as recipes will be constantly added to the page, which you are welcome, as a club member to use, and download.

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Roasted Baby Carrots Salad

This salad is a treat, look to use a variety of carrot types.

Beetroot Foam Mousse

Experiment with this foam, how does the taste change with the addition of the tartaric acid?

Orange Meringue

Once you learn the technique here you can change the colours and flavours as you like.

Juniper Berry & Mandarin Cured Salmon

Simple recipe to follow for those who love salmon.

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