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The Bubble Muffin School Incursion Workshops have been designed to assist teachers in reaching the achievement standards for Health & Physical Education for Foundation to year 6 students, set out by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment, and Reporting Authority (acara). With particular emphasis on the focus areas of:

1. Food and nutrition (FN)

The role of food and nutrition in enhancing health and wellbeing, supporting students to develop knowledge, understanding and skills to make healthy, informed food choices and to explore the contextual factors that influence eating habits and food choices.*

2. Health benefits of physical activity (HBPA)

The influence and impact regular physical activity participation has on individual and community health and wellbeing, supporting students to develop knowleadge, understanding and skills to make active choices and to explore the range of influences on physical activity participation and choices. *

* Taken from the website - Australian Curriculum: Health and Physical Education focus areas.

How Do We Achieve This?

Bubble Muffin achieves these objectives through utilizing our current programs as listed below together with the workshops core objective which have been designed to meet the outcomes of (acara):

Cooking Workshops Lessons: Benefits of healthy foods, Ingredient recognition, Ways to enjoy vitamin rich foods, Cooking techniques, How to have fun with food.

Food Knowledge Workshops Lessons: Food Science, Food recognition and knowleadge, cooking principles, food utilisation, lateral thinking, and food safety.

Creating Recipes Lessons: Recipe writing and food costing, understanding taste, textures, aromas and visual appeal, Imagination, Understanding nutritional properties of foods, cooking techniques, and how healthy food can be enjoyed.

Multicultural Workshops Lessons: Understanding and recognising local indigenous foods, utilisation of indigenous ingredients, how to cook local foods, sourcing and harvesting indigenous foods, lateral thinking.

Bubble Pop Lessons: Builds coordination and space awareness, Develops muscle memory, Understanding the benefits of daily exercise, Creating self awareness and confidence, Working together with others.

For further information on our School Incursion Workshops, hit this link, fill in your details and we will respond to you promptly.

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What To Expect

Bubble Muffin will work together with you to develop the exact workshop or series of workshops, that are relevant to the areas of study the children will be focused upon. You can expect:

  • Choose the workshop/s  that meet the outcomes of the focus areas within Health and Physical Activity in the Australian Curriculum, that you are, or will be  studying.
  • To find an engaging and entertaining way to meet the requirements of the Australian Curriculum.
  • To discover the flexibility to create a single workshop or a series of workshops.
  • Our workshops focus on children from Foundation through to grade 6
  • The only limitations on numbers are the space restrictions at your school.
  • The ability to reach the majority of learning styles our children prefer.
  • Reaching the achievement standards for (FN) and (HBPA) recognised by (acara)
  • Stimulation of young minds to explore beyond the confines of the classroom.
  • Working with a company who is devoted to teaching and engaging children about food, nutrition, and physical activity,
  • The freedom to create a package suitable to your school or classrooms needs.

For further information on the School Incursion Workshops hit the link, and let us know what interests you.

The Word Is!

  • I would be delighted to have you back next year.  I enjoyed working with you and Tiffany.  It was great to have easy going but professional people associated with the show. Keep in touch.  I hope that you have a wonderful year and are very successful getting your message out there.  Be good! Lace

    Lacey Milzewski – Events Officer
    Rockhampton Regional Council

  • Our girls cannot stop talking about you and the yummy food.

    Andrew McKnight
    Ford Motor Company

  • I’ve actually worked with you last year for the Collie Show which I was running as a volunteer and am eager to utilise the fun and professionalism that Bubble Muffin brings to an event.

    Jade Evans – Events Officer
    Collie Show

  • I would like to thank you for attending this years show and for giving us a great deal. We have had overwhelming support from the Community about your attendance and would like to offer you the opportunity to attend next years Show

    Chez Roney – Entertainment Chairman
    Castle Hill Show

  • “Thanks for a wonderful time from Lilly aka Rupert the chicken, and the rest of the family. Best entertainment at the show”.

    Jessica Frost

  • These guys are absolutely brilliant!

    Beth Parry
    The Ipswich Show

  • For a small town who struggles with sponsorship and funding of the event, you always worry whether you are spending your dollars wisely but after meeting you and Tiffany and seeing your Bubble Muffin performances, there is no doubt that you were worth every cent!

    Mary-Kate – President
    Moree On A Plate

  • Bubble Muffin Kids Cooking Club has been involved with the Good Friday Appeal since 2011.  In this time, Kevin and the Bubble Muffin team have created fun and entertaining interactive experiences as part of our annual Kids Day Out event.  We are grateful for their outstanding support and we look forward to continuing our wonderful relationship with them.  

    Jacqueline Fletcher

  • Thanks again for coming to the Emerald show, your kids cooking show/class was nothing like anything we’ve had at the show, and we’re hoping you’ll be back some time in the future. Xavier still talks about you guys and has since developed a taste for Ricotta, and he loves wearing the chef’s hat and apron you gave him when helping us cook. Thanks again.

    Tony & Emma Reibelt

  • Many thanks to Alexander and Derrick, the kids (and their parents) loved them! All the best, Kimberley

    Kimberley Brady – M & C Officer
    Royal National Capital Agricultural Society

  • Sophie had a blast today participating in your show at Pioneer Valley Show. I enjoyed watching also and seeing the kids in action and learning how to eat healthy 🙂

    Amy Huston

  • On behalf of the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria and Flock Agency I would like to extend and heartfelt thank you for all your hard work and enthusiasm at this years Royal Melbourne Show. The sessions that you held were fantastic and we truly appreciate your time and energy. We wish you well for the rest of the year and hope to hear from you soon

    Jacelyn Hawkins
    Royal Melbourne Show

  • Thanks again for contributing so much to our show, and we all look forward to working with you again next year. Cheers heaps s Oh YES Thank you!!! Will share it with them they will be thrilled.......she really did have fun! Hugz from the tropics

    Kununurra Show

  • We had a meeting last night & everyone loved Bubble Muffin - so much positive feedback - thank you again

    Marianne E Pollock
    Moree On A Plate

  • We were very impressed and the pumpkins looked fantastic. Centre management were very happy and are looking at doing it at more centres next year. Thank you for your help!

    Jacinta Howden
    Event Central

  • The Presenter of Bubble Muffin, Kevin, was awesome. The children loved the activity.

    Howlong Library

  • Kevin is AMAZING!!!! he was so wonderful with the very small group that arrived here. Children were delighted and excited when they came back into the library. Parents were most complimentary as well. Worth every second!!

    Mulwala Library

  • Children thought Kevin was amazing. Very interactive and fun for all. Staff enjoyed samples eagerly offered to them by kids for morning tea

    Corowa Library

  • We found the Bubble Muffin workshop was great.  He was very well organised and he really related to the children.  I thought I would mention this as well - a lady told me after the workshop her son ate everything on the plate.  She was so surprised because normally he wouldn’t even try anything different let alone eat it all – she was really pleased.

    Coolamon Library

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